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My Christmas Haul

This year we had a pretty plentiful Christmas, gifts-wise.  I helped Dad pick out a few sweaters, a pair of slippers and a few pairs of socks for Mom, as well as some super cute Mutts PJ pants for Laura.   Laura and I bought Mom a 3-in-1 Hamilton Beach slow cooker (because her old one is totally wonky, one leg is broken off and the knob will burn your fingers if you’re not careful) and an iris folding kit (it’s kind of like origami…in fact, it came with origami paper).  Got Dad a beard/hair/everything else trimmer (the exact one he picked out…he was excited) and a gift set of British Sterling (bleh…he asked for it, so I got it).  I got Laura a Bluetooth headset and some t-shirts from Charlotte Russe.  Everyone was pretty happy with the presents I got them, so that was nice.

So, what did I get?  From Mom and Dad, I got three pairs of pants from Old Navy: one pair of brown ones and two pairs of jeans.  They don’t quite fit, so I’m gonna take them back and probably get twice the jeans, if I can find some on sale.  I got a pair of driving gloves from Mom and Dad, which is nice because I never heat my car up and I end up driving with one or two fingers until the car gets warm.  Got a pair of PJ pants and a travel nail kit from Mom and Dad also.  From Laura, I got a nice makeup kit from Sephora with different shades of purple, gray, and brown eyeshadow and nine different lip glosses.  The eyeshadow blends really well and all the colors are ones I’ll definitely use.  She also got me a pair of blue plaid Levis low-top chucks.  I picked them out at Shoe Show a few weeks ago, but she said she wanted to give them to me for Christmas, so I let her cop out of buying me another present and just get the shoes for me.  My big present was a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum, which I picked out from Macy’s.  If I got the eau de toilette, I could have gotten a gift set, but I’ve been wearing the edp for months in a mini purse spray and I love the drydown.  Plus, I didn’t really use the Daisy lotion I got last year and I don’t see myself using shower gel all that often either.  I also got $50 from Mom and $100 from Dad.  Haven’t gone to Grandma’s yet, so I’ll update after I find out what I get.  I’m pretty sure I’m getting $50 from her, but she probably got us some other stuff too.  Every year it seems like I get the fewest presents, but it’s because mine are more expensive than everyone else’s.

I’m happy that everyone is happy, and hopefully next year will be great too.  Sometimes the presents Mom buys Dad aren’t too fantastic, but this year she got him some pretty good stuff.   He said he got everything he wanted, so that’s great.

Hope all y’all had a rootin’-tootin’ Christmas too!


Writing, reading, and other things I have a hard time staying awake long enough to accomplish

Well, I had a delightful day of sleep yesterday, with a couple paragraphs of Good Omens interspersed between. I had to reread most of it, though, because I have a tendency to read words without registering their meaning and then forget even that much while drowsy. You’d think I would learn not to read when I’m so sleepy, but, darn it, I’ve found a book I want to read, and I’m gonna do it.

This year I remembered about NaNoWriMo before it happened (two years in a row I remembered it in December!), so I’m going to start planning. I’m gonna do it now, because when fall rolls around, I’ll be in college and I’ll probably have to write all kinds of other stuff and won’t have time for personal endeavors.

Bah. If I want to, I’ll make time. That comes back to sleep again, though. I like to sleep. I love to dream. And although sleep cuts out writing time, dreams are invaluable sources of inspiration, when they’re not just skewed interpretations of my previous day.

Plus, it would do wondrous things for my ego and my confidence to finish an entire novel. Heck, if I could clean up several drafts of it and get it published, I might just stop worrying so much about majoring in journalism. But that’s well-nigh impossible, isn’t it? Getting published, I mean. Not worrying about making the correct decision for my future job is also impossible, though.

I worry about trivial things sometimes, also.* For example, I sent a letter (in French, which I haven’t studied past oui and voulez-vous coucher avec moi) to the Serge Lutens boutique in France a month ago to request the Petit Livre des Parfums, and I was beginning to worry if it had made it. That very same day, it came in the mail. You shoulda seen the look on my face. (Unfortunately, I didn’t, personally.)

Now, I know that since the samples in the Petit Livre are solid wax, the note development isn’t nearly the same as the liquid perfume. Regardless, I would like to go on record as loving Fumerie Turque. Wowza. That’s one for the decant list, my friends.

Another scent recently made me think, this is what I’ve been looking for all along!, and restored my faith in Comme des Garcons after the bland Anbar: Ouarzazate. It has similarities to Jaisalmer, which I liked quite a bit, and just the tiniest tinge of Sequoia, as well as that certain something, the joie de vivre (lied about the French), that I expected from my very first introduction to CdG. I might actually get a large decant or even a full bottle of it. It’s that great.

When I first started getting interested in perfume, I read on occasion about Comme des Garcons 2 and how weird it was, how it smelled so odd and all that. The impression I got was that if one was to wear it, they wouldn’t care about others’ reaction to their scent. Well, I applied some, and you know what? I like it plenty. It’s very reminiscent of a little bottle of perfume I had when I was a kid; it came with a Barbie doll and had a pink sticker with a hibiscus on it. The floral aspect of CdG 2 is very, very similar to that. It’s also a cold smell, but not in the same way as Odeur 71, which was more emotionally than physically cold. (Odeur 71, incidentally, reminds me of an office skyscraper in Japan that was mysteriously empty during the day, with blue skies outside. That’s the most specific mental picture I’ve gotten with a scent yet, and it was little different from my expectations of it. Odeur 53, I didn’t like as much, but that’s for another time.) I like CdG 2 also, but I don’t think I would buy a full bottle of it. And, oddly, I have smelled plenty sumi-e ink in school as well as outside, and it actually wasn’t what came to mind at all. It’s there if I think about it, but if I tried it without knowing what the name of the scent was, I wouldn’t have thought of ink.

* Ha ha, did you like that segue?

In which I find out why Mom loves floral fragrances so much; also, the agony of Black Cashmere

Scent of the Day: Fidji by Guy Laroche

I was curious to see how Tubereuse Criminelle would start out on Mom, since it was a jumble of mentholated motor oil on me. Right away, it was all mouthwash on her. After it went away (only a minute or so for both of us, although I’ve read that the odd top notes may last longer on others), it was apparent why I had such a hard time liking Tubereuse Criminelle the first time I applied it: on me, it was a lot like Raid with synthetic flowers sprinkled about, but on Mom it blossomed into something more natural and a bit sweeter.

I believe that’s why she can wear things like Tatiana and not come off as a deranged florist…it’s all chemistry. And chemistry is why she doesn’t like Organza Indecence and I do, because it turns much nicer on me than her. I think that’s why I generally gravitate toward amber and wood fragrances, while Mom’s entire cabinet is floral.

Oh, and I put on some of Mom’s bottle of Demeter Honeysuckle…it also turned gross on me. It smells so accurate in the bottle (I’ll test it next to actual flowers in the summer!), but on me it wilted.

I saw two boxes of Donna Karan Black Cashmere at the Kroger in Harrison the day after it was confirmed discontinued during a visit to Grandma’s. I couldn’t help but blather on and on to my sister about how much I wanted it but didn’t have fifty bucks to spend on it. I left the store emptyhanded that day but thought about it a lot afterward.

Then I got a call to babysit! And another! And suddenly, I had cash again.

So last Sunday, I bought it. I couldn’t put it on right away because I was in the car with Mom and Dad, and the back windows don’t go down. The whole ride home, I kept taking the lid off and sniffing it. And as soon as I got in the door and in my room, I put ‘er on and it was heavenly. It was still pretty hot out, but it was tolerable in the house. I got on Basenotes and read what others had to say about it while forming my own opinion about it.

Black Cashmere, at first spray, kind of smelled like something Comme des Garcons would do, though a tad less odd (although, admittedly, I’ve only tried a few CdG fragrances). I couldn’t get enough of it!

Later on, I was watching The Call of Cthulhu and decided to try Black Cashmere in comparison to CdG Avignon. (I’ve grown to like Avignon, but I wouldn’t wear it in public under most circumstances.) Something odd happened: Black Cashmere didn’t smell so magical anymore! I chalked it up to nasal fatigue (I had been wearing–devouring–Ambra del Nepal that day, my current love) and figured that it would smell better in the morning.

Nope. It was still not quite me. It seemed like something a future, more mature self would like. In fact, I felt a little awkward wearing it, like I was trying to act older than I was. I was really contemplating returning it.

Laura had some errands to do and had a hankering for Taco Bell, so we ran up to Batesville yesterday afternoon. I told myself that I’d rather have the $60 (after Ohio tax) back than a bottle of Black Cashmere that I likely wouldn’t wear very often until I was older. Turns out that they would return it, except that it came from another store. Figures.

So I’ve still got it, and I’m still holding out hope that I’ll eventually love it.

(I think that, although BC is not a hot-weather scent, the heat amped up my favorite aspects of the scent. At night in my room, it was a lot cooler, and the next day was rainy and cool as well. I’ll wait for another hot day to test this hypothesis…my apologies in advance if it’s super-strong!)

I’ll be poor, but at least I’ll smell fantastic!

It all started last month…

I was perusing some random blogs on the Internets, mainly those related to Lovecraft. I came upon one that told about some kind of HPL-inspired perfume. It intrigued me; I wondered how someone could translate “cosmic fear” into a scent. The website was called Black Phoenix Alchemical Laboratory, and the perfumes the blog spoke about were from the Picnic in Arkham collection. Now my interest was really piqued!

After looking over the entire list about fifty times, I decided on six samples (called Imp’s Ears or simply Imps) to order: Al-Azif, Arkham, Miskatonic University, The Music of Erich Zann (although they spell it “Zahn”), Nyarlathotep, and Shub-Niggurath.

I guess now is a good time to explain why BPAL (and other things eagerly waited for in the mail) will always remind me of pain…

I went out to go check the mail last Monday or so. Anyone who’s been in my house knows that we have a front portion that’s half-built, where my dad and his friends hang out. Well, a few months ago Dad decided he wanted a walk-in closet added to the master bedroom. In order to build it, it had to jut out into the large half-built room that Dad hangs out in. It’s not really that big of a deal (except it really gets in the way when you’re trying to play pool!), but after walking through that room for years, it takes some getting used to. Anyway, when I went out to get the mail, I was walking pretty quickly, eager to see if I got my BPAL samples. I wasn’t looking where I was going, and the left side of my body slammed into the corner of the closet! It hurt so bad that I had to take a minute to catch my breath; Dad and his friends were outside, and I didn’t want to look like I’d just gone through a war zone. So after a minute of recovery, I went out to get the mail; Dad had already gotten it, and my BPAL order was there! The whole incident reminded me of something the character Sabine from the book Griffin and Sabine said that her father told her: “Pain and beauty are constant bedfellows.” For me, it was more of pain and excitement/happiness, but it was still a weird feeling.

So in my box, not only did I get the imps I ordered, but also there were two free samples included: The Deep Ones (also from the Picnic in Arkham collection) and Le Serpent Qui Danse. The former is an aquatic, and the latter is a floral/vanilla combination. Sad to say, Le Serpent is way too floral for my tastes! Mom likes it, though…

After BPAL, I discovered another perfume house called CB I Hate Perfume. All of the scents looked really intriguing, and I really wanted to try a lot of them! After a couple days’ worth of poring over the collection, I decided on At the Beach 1966 and In the Summer Kitchen. I’m really excited to get them…they should be here on Monday, but my fingers are crossed for tomorrow, since Indiana isn’t that far away from Brooklyn. We’ll see, though!

I also found out that Christopher Brosius is the founder of Demeter. I’d heard of that company back in the ’90s, when its Gin and Tonic scent was being touted by Drew Barrymore, but I had forgotten all about it since then. I’m looking at their “fragrance library” right now, and I’m putting together a list of $5 Cologne Mini-Splashes to order.

When will this madness END?! Hopefully never, if I have anything to say about it.

But, for now, I’m gonna go have some lunch. The Demeter catalog makes me hungry!

[EDIT] I forgot to mention that when I ran into the closet, I got a 1-by-two-inch bright red bruise on my left hip bone. It’s since faded to a nice mixture of red and yellow, but it still hurts. Duh. [/EDIT]