We’re finally about to leave the stone age!

Well, we’re finally getting high speed internet.  Unfortunately, Mom thinks we have to stick with our normal phone company (we might, but I don’t know for sure), and it’s all the way in Sunman.  So our connection will probably be kinda slow, but in comparison to the 45.2 kbps that we usually get, anything faster is definitely welcome.

So I’ve been cleaning up my room today to make room for the spare computer.  It’s never been hooked up to the internet because it doesn’t have a modem, so it’s pretty dang speedy and not weighed down with spyware and junk at all.  I’m going to transfer my music collection to my own computer now, so the main one will speed up some too.  And maybe I’ll actually use my 500 MB external hard drive I got on Black Friday!

I’m pretty excited. 

I’m the only one around the house who knows how to hook things up properly.  You should see me and Dad try to collaborate on hooking up a VCR.  I absolutely hate it now.  I hate having to explain what’s going in and what’s going out.  I know what I’m doing, but apparently he doesn’t think so.  How many times have I swapped out things in my room without problems?  So I just hope I can hook up DSL just as easily.

I just realized last night that we have a router/modem already.  We bought it from Goodwill for 5 bucks, and it came with three extra line filters.  It came from Cincinnati Bell, and it’s a lot crappier than the one we got from ETC.  You can only hook one computer up to it, but ours has four ethernet jacks.  So I guess it goes to show that big companies skimp on their customers sometimes.

We don’t have ethernet cards in any of our computers, so I bought two USB network adapters last night.  I picked USB, not because I’m afraid to open up a computer, but because I may be getting a laptop, and laptops don’t really have a place to stick a desktop ethernet card.

So anyway, I’m looking forward to being able to actually use the internet like normal people.  And having my own computer will be flippin’ sweet.

The other day at Goodwill I spotted a 1/4″ guitar plug with a USB plug on the other end, and Dad bought it for me.  Now I can record on my computer without all the noise I used to have from the adapter into the microphone jack.

So you might get to hear some music in the future…I’ll actually be able to upload it ^_^.

I can’t wait to get our adapters in the mail so we can flippin’ surf the internet!


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