My Christmas Haul

This year we had a pretty plentiful Christmas, gifts-wise.  I helped Dad pick out a few sweaters, a pair of slippers and a few pairs of socks for Mom, as well as some super cute Mutts PJ pants for Laura.   Laura and I bought Mom a 3-in-1 Hamilton Beach slow cooker (because her old one is totally wonky, one leg is broken off and the knob will burn your fingers if you’re not careful) and an iris folding kit (it’s kind of like origami…in fact, it came with origami paper).  Got Dad a beard/hair/everything else trimmer (the exact one he picked out…he was excited) and a gift set of British Sterling (bleh…he asked for it, so I got it).  I got Laura a Bluetooth headset and some t-shirts from Charlotte Russe.  Everyone was pretty happy with the presents I got them, so that was nice.

So, what did I get?  From Mom and Dad, I got three pairs of pants from Old Navy: one pair of brown ones and two pairs of jeans.  They don’t quite fit, so I’m gonna take them back and probably get twice the jeans, if I can find some on sale.  I got a pair of driving gloves from Mom and Dad, which is nice because I never heat my car up and I end up driving with one or two fingers until the car gets warm.  Got a pair of PJ pants and a travel nail kit from Mom and Dad also.  From Laura, I got a nice makeup kit from Sephora with different shades of purple, gray, and brown eyeshadow and nine different lip glosses.  The eyeshadow blends really well and all the colors are ones I’ll definitely use.  She also got me a pair of blue plaid Levis low-top chucks.  I picked them out at Shoe Show a few weeks ago, but she said she wanted to give them to me for Christmas, so I let her cop out of buying me another present and just get the shoes for me.  My big present was a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum, which I picked out from Macy’s.  If I got the eau de toilette, I could have gotten a gift set, but I’ve been wearing the edp for months in a mini purse spray and I love the drydown.  Plus, I didn’t really use the Daisy lotion I got last year and I don’t see myself using shower gel all that often either.  I also got $50 from Mom and $100 from Dad.  Haven’t gone to Grandma’s yet, so I’ll update after I find out what I get.  I’m pretty sure I’m getting $50 from her, but she probably got us some other stuff too.  Every year it seems like I get the fewest presents, but it’s because mine are more expensive than everyone else’s.

I’m happy that everyone is happy, and hopefully next year will be great too.  Sometimes the presents Mom buys Dad aren’t too fantastic, but this year she got him some pretty good stuff.   He said he got everything he wanted, so that’s great.

Hope all y’all had a rootin’-tootin’ Christmas too!


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