Watch out for the gypsy children in electric dresses, they’re insane. I hear they live in crematoriums and smoke your remains.

Scent of the Day: Opal by Sonoma Scent Studio

Whoo, I haven’t written a blog in a while.  It’s nothing personal…I haven’t written in my own journal since August.  Guess I should catch up a little on what’s been going on.

I started going to Ivy Tech in Lawrenceburg this fall.  It’s pretty much like high school, and except for Philosophy (which isn’t that hard; it just has lots of homework), it’s super easy.  Aside from Philosophy, I’m also in Sociology (a total review of everything Mr. Whaley taught us), Speech (which was frightening at first, but now it’s not that bad.  Plus, I take kava before I speak and I’m much more at ease), English 111 (Shoot me now!  I learned all this stuff back in 9th frickin’ grade), and Finite Math (which sounds fancy and technical, but it’s really just a review of the past few years under Mr. Westerman’s tutelage.  I’m waiting for the “finite” part to come in, because it hasn’t yet.)  My favorite part of school is that I can come in and use a computer anytime at high speed–none of that 45.2 kbps bull honky.  My Old Time Radio collection has grown immensely.  Hey, if you want to be a nerd like me and listen to radio from the ’30s to the ’50s (plus some ’70s CBS Radio Mystery Theater), head over to

I also went to a concert with Dad in August.  We saw Bob Dylan.  He kind of disappointed.  Well, it would have been nice if he looked at the crowd once during the whole show.  I know he doesn’t play guitar live anymore…but I sure wish I could have seen classic Bob, with the guitar and the harmonica and the microphone.  My favorite parts of the show came when he pulled out the harmonica, incidentally…

And now to today.  It’s Election Day, and I sure as heck cast my ballot for Barack Obama.  There’s some things I differ from him on, but I never asked for a philosophical copy of myself.  Wonder if the youth vote and the disillusioned can paint this red state blue.  It sure would restore my faith in the phrase that “your vote counts!” if our Republican state doesn’t vote as conservatively as it has in the past.

And at times like these, I like to call on the brothers Gibb to epitomize my feeling: “Ahhhh-ah-ah-ah” (gotta keep their message intact ^_^) “we are children of the world / watching every day go by / Changes my life, changes your life / keeps us all anticipating…”  Well, maybe not epitomize.  But any time I can inject some Bee Gees into a blog, I’ll do it.

Wow, I’m such a nerd.

Oh well.

Oh, and the title of this blog comes from “You Are a Light” by Pavement.  Bought Terror Twilight a couple Sundays ago and have been listening to it a lot since.  For all Stephen Malkmus’s obstinance, I think the album turned out pretty coherent.  And I do like to listen to it in the evening when I drive home from school, during what Bobby Nastanovich calls the “terror twilight”.  The album really is evocative of that time of day.  (A lot more than Farewell Horizontal would have been, to say the least.)

Now I’m just waiting for Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition to ship.  I did that Buy Early Get Now thing, and so I’m looking forward to getting the live LP (and the poster) as well.

See you all in another three months.


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